So you’re STORYHIVE-funded: Here’s 5 things your Program Manager wants you to know

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Hi there! I’m Erin Shaw, Senior Program Manager of the TELUS STORYHIVE Voices program. I’m proud to work with digital content creators who produce series showcasing educational, entertainment and lifestyle content, all within local communities. I've worked with a variety of digital content creators and stories including a series about life on the water in Campbell River, spotlighting local artists in Prince George and even a project about what you need to know about training a guide dog in Edmonton.

The new content creator journey is a fun one, and to make things easier on you, here are my 5 big tips for newly-funded content creators! This applies to content creators in any of our STORYHIVE programs. 

1. Communicate with your Program Manager

A new project comes with new responsibilities, and that means deadlines, deliverables and ideas! Whether you've got a creative idea you want to bounce off someone, or you're falling behind and need help, remember that your STORYHIVE Program Manager is here to support, but they can only help you if you're in touch. Creating content is a journey, and there are always going to be challenges…it’s literally your Program Manager’s job to work through those challenges (and celebrate your victories!) with you.

2. Perfection is an enemy of progress

STORYHIVE supports new and emerging content creators and we encourage you to try things out. You don’t have to make it perfect, but we do love to see your creativity shine! Most creatives are never “satisfied” with their final result. You have to find the balance between creating something that makes you proud, and delivering your work on time and to standard. Experimentation is encouraged. 

3. Pre-production is the most important stage

The planning you do early in the game will save you from scrambling at the end. Your Program Manager can help you take a proactive approach to production planning. There are many moving parts, so ask for support with building a timeline, get advice on reaching out to interviewees and lean on your Program Manager when you need to pivot (because that’s very very normal when it comes to creating content). 

4. Use the resources STORYHIVE gives you

We give you lots of resources at the beginning of your STORYHIVE journey, found in your Content Creator Kit and discussed at the online sessions. It's your job to make the most of them, and it will only benefit your project in the long run. Don’t forget to share your resources with your cohort through Slack. There’s a lot of knowledge “in the room” or rather “in the channel”.

5. Stay engaged on Slack

Speaking of Slack….we've got a great community of supportive content creators there, plus some Slack goodies and challenges. Slack helps you keep in touch with your Program Manager, as well as the other content creators in your cohort and those from other STORYHIVE programs. Lean on this communication tool to stay connected! 

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on my top pieces of advice for starting your creative journey, I can let you in on one more secret—and this is for aspiring and existing STORYHIVE-funded folks.

Right now, I'm working on the development of the brand new Video Podcast program which will be open for application on December 5, 2023. Read more about upcoming intakes in this blog post here.

People who are picking up a mic for the first time or looking to elevate their existing podcast channel with a visual component are encouraged to apply! We can’t wait to review your pitches!

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Posted onNov 17, 2023
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