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Documentaries have the power to captivate audiences, shed light on important issues and provide a unique perspective on real-life events and stories. Behind every successful documentary, there's a crucial phase that often goes unnoticed but plays a pivotal role in shaping the final film: the Research and Pre-Interviews (R&P) stage.

At STORYHIVE, we recognize the significance of this phase in producing impactful documentaries, and we're thrilled to announce the addition of the Research & Pre-Interviews component to our STORYHIVE Editions Short Form Documentary program.

As we celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of STORYHIVE, we are eager to take documentary filmmaking to new heights and empower our participants to create even stronger and more compelling documentaries in the STORYHIVE Editions program. With the R&P component, we aim to equip filmmakers with the necessary tools and insights to dive deeper into their subjects, refine their storytelling approach and ultimately create documentaries that resonate with their audiences.

During this initial part of your STORYHIVE Editions journey, participants will be required to create 30- to 60-minutes of bonus content, consisting of long-form interviews related to the subject of their documentary. This bonus content serves as a valuable opportunity to conduct pre-interviews with potential subjects, fine-tune interview techniques and perfect camera, lighting and sound setups. Moreover, it provides filmmakers a platform to engage their audience and generate support for their Main Program.

Understanding that budget and production time are vital resources, the R&P phase is designed to be simple and economical. The focus should primarily be on the Main Program, with the bonus content acting as a supporting tool for research and pre-interview purposes. This footage may also end up being incorporated into the final documentary, enriching the storytelling process and offering viewers an in-depth exploration of the subject matter.

Once completed, the Bonus Content will be shared on Optik TV, allowing filmmakers to build their audience and garner additional interest in their documentaries. Furthermore, participants will have the option to showcase their Bonus Content alongside their Main Program during the premiere on TELUS Optik TV, providing viewers with an enriched understanding of the documentary's topic.

Read below for the 5 reasons why Research and Pre-Interviews are important for Documentary Filmmaking: 

  1. In-depth Understanding: Engaging in thorough research allows filmmakers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their subject matter. This knowledge forms the foundation on which compelling narratives are built, enabling directors to approach their documentaries with depth and authenticity.

  2. Refining the Storytelling Approach: The R&P phase provides an opportunity for filmmakers to experiment with different storytelling techniques and angles. By conducting pre-interviews and exploring potential avenues, directors can fine-tune their interview techniques, perfect their technical skills and refine their vision and develop a clear point of view, enhancing the overall impact of their documentary.

  3. Connecting with Subjects: Establishing a strong connection with the subjects of the documentary is vital for capturing genuine emotions and experiences on screen. The R&P phase allows filmmakers to establish rapport, trust and understanding with their subjects, leading to more candid and powerful interviews.

  4. Identifying Compelling Visuals: Through research, filmmakers can uncover visually striking elements and locations related to their subject matter. This insight contributes to the creation of visually captivating documentaries that immerse the audience in the story.

  5. Ensuring Accuracy and Credibility: A well-researched documentary instills credibility and trust in the audience. By verifying information and corroborating facts during the R&P phase, filmmakers can produce accurate and reliable content.

The documentary genre has a unique ability to educate, inspire and motivate viewers. However, to create documentaries that truly resonate with audiences and stand the test of time, thorough research and pre-interviews are indispensable. We believe that by incorporating the R&P component into the STORYHIVE Editions Short Form Documentary program, we can help filmmakers hone their skills, craft compelling narratives and deliver documentaries that leave a lasting impact on both local and global audiences.

As we embark on this exciting new journey, we look forward to witnessing the transformational stories that emerge from our talented pool of participants. Here's to a decade of storytelling excellence and to the countless stories yet to be told!

So, if you're an aspiring documentary filmmaker eager to make a mark in the world of storytelling, join us through a STORYHIVE Editions program and embark on a journey of research, discovery and unparalleled creativity. Together, let's celebrate the art of documentary filmmaking and unleash the potential of your stories on the world stage. Happy storytelling!

Stay tuned on STORYHIVE.com for a list of our upcoming programs intake windows.

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Posted onAug 22, 2023
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