The Third Bandit
2015 Digital Shorts

The Third Bandit

A chaotic coming-of-age tragedy: Three banks; Three days; Three bandits.

Length10 minutes 0 seconds


Pitch video


Runaway teenagers, Lara and Charlie Morgan, travel across the B.C. Coastal Mountains on a chaotic and drug-fuelled bank robbing spree. Taken in by a cult-like family, they become indebted to it's charismatic leader, Bishop Donovan, a counter-culture crusader turned crime lord. Meanwhile, Andrew Boone, a disgraced rookie police officer, having lost his fiancee and his career, finds himself face-to-face with the bandits in a serendipitous collision of worlds. With no other options, the three are forced to unite together to free themselves from Donovan's grip: three banks; three days; three bandits. Will Kemp (Van Helsing, Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce) has been cast to play Donovan Bishop.

The team

We are a group of passionate independent filmmakers that have worked closely together over the last year to deliver dynamic a collection of short films, music videos, and webisodes. Most recently, our team completed its first indie feature film.

Profile picture of David Strasser
David StrasserDirector, Writer
Profile picture of Chris Mahoney
Chris MahoneyEditor, Motion Graphics
Profile picture of Jesse Platt
Jesse PlattWriter, Actor
Profile picture of Jessica Randall
Jessica RandallProducer, Social Media Strategist
Profile picture of jeff turcotte
jeff turcotteProduction Manager
Profile picture of Sae Runge
Sae RungeProduction Manager
Profile picture of Levi Garcia
Levi GarciaProduction Design
Profile picture of Simon Ryder
Simon RyderCamera Operator, Lighting, Electrical
Profile picture of Tia Nanda
Tia NandaCamera Operator, Lighting, Electrical
Profile picture of Galen Wilson
Galen WilsonCamera Operator, Lighting
Profile picture of Raivo Kruze
Raivo KruzeLighting
Profile picture of Matthew Cameron
Matthew CameronSound Engineer