Slug Brothers
2015 Digital Shorts

Slug Brothers

Ernest's two freeloading brothers fear their eviction when he gets a girlfriend. All three brothers are giant slugs.

Length10 minutes 25 seconds


Pitch video


Slug Brothers is a short family-friendly comedy film about three giant slugs living in the real world. When the eldest slug, Ernest, announces he has a date, his two freeloading younger brothers, Elmer and Garth, take it upon themselves to sabotage any hopes of a relationship, ensuring they can continue to live rent-free in his house.

The team

Slug Brother's team of creative people are young enough to have fresh ideas, but have been around the block long enough to gain the experience and skills required to produce a quality film.

Profile picture of Nick Bellemore
Nick BellemoreProduction Design
Profile picture of Aaron Hultin
Aaron HultinCamera Operator
Profile picture of Andrew Kominek
Andrew KominekSound Engineer, Music


Production Design