Second Attack
2015 Music Video

Second Attack

Cloned back to life in the year 2085, Striker morphs into a giant robot to battle sentient keg monsters and save earth

Length4 min. 31 seconds
GenreHard Rock


Pitch video

The artist

Lindsay Robinson

Lindsay Robinson

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About the song

The lyrical theme of the song details how life is short and it's your choice to go out and make the most of it. The video is a sequel to the Striker Start Again video. Cloned back to life in an apocalyptic future, each member trains in a specific discipline. They then morph into a giant robot to battle the keg monsters and save the world.

The team

This is the core team, we have a great crew lined up and I think we are going to deliver a killer video!

Profile picture of Kristopher Wedgwood
Kristopher WedgwoodProduction Design
Profile picture of Brett Manyluk
Brett ManylukCamera Operator
Profile picture of JD Buzz
JD BuzzMotion Graphics