Princess Charming
2015 Music Video

Princess Charming

A celebration of personal identity that breaks gender stereotypes.

Length3 min. 43 seconds


Pitch video

The artist

Jake Hastey
About the song

The song is about the journey of a young person who is unable to be held back by traditional gender roles. Our video will be a fairy tale fantasy that will follow different characters through a cityscape as they find the joy in expressing all the aspects of who they are. It will finish with a choreographed dance scene of epic proportion!

The team

The combination of Must Be Tuesday's incredible song Princess Charming and the insanity of Toy Guns Dance Theatre are about to make a a film baby that will charm and inspire you!!

Profile picture of Rachel Gleiberman
Rachel GleibermanArtist, Actor
Profile picture of Richelle Thoreson
Richelle ThoresonArtist, Producer, Actor, Production Manager, Social Media Strategist
Profile picture of Kasia Brytan
Kasia BrytanProduction Manager