2015 Music Video


Palm trees sway in the wind. Golden sunlight radiates off of tinted frames. A baby is born. All of this in a video.

Length3 min. 44 seconds


Pitch video

The artist

Jordan Findlay

Jordan Findlay

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About the song

Huskydoggetsheadmassage.mp3 will be just about as blissful as it sounds. Combining different video effects and formats, along with a nostalgic twist, we plan on creating an emotional collage that works in tandem with the effortless energy of James Deen's track that together give the viewer a glimpse into some of life's most spectacular moments.

The team

Beware the white tiles.

Profile picture of Brennan Henderson
Brennan HendersonArtist, Band
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Dez MayCamera Operator


Production Design

You can't smell the aromas or feel the breeze as you stare at a screen and watch our music video... But with enough magic (and money) we'll be able to supply you with all the visuals you need to trigger your senses and send you to a sweet, sweet place where all your dreams come true.
This is a good business decision.
Look, he's begging... Don't make the poor little guy beg. This critter wants to be featured in the video doing insane stunts that would make Evil Knievel cry to his mama. Let him strut his stuff.
"Really takes you back, doesn't it?"       -  Steven Seagal
Palm trees waving in the wind, lush ferns that make the air smell oh so sweet... These soothing plants are more than just plants, they're a state of mind. You can't always count on a tropical vay-cay to make you feel that cool ocean breeze, but you can sure count on James Deen and Room Collective.
Remember strutting down the street, cruising with your walkman? Tossing in Ludacris' freshest album "The Red Light District" and feeling your arms blow-up three times their size? Ahh, nostalgia. Those were simpler times.
Producer James Deen catches some rays poolside with a cold drink and a hot girl. You'll hate him because you'll wish you were him.