2020 Local Heroes Documentary Edition


A self taught urban farmer passionate about sustainable agriculture, unites local farmers to plant seeds of change


Pitch video


GROUNDED follows the story of Rod Olson “Rodfather”, an urban farmer in Calgary who sets out on a mission to build a community of other local farmers; ones that farm with the same values, ethics, and sustainable practices with the goal to bring farm directly to table and create a healthy, thriving, self sustaining eco system right here in Alberta. We take a close look into the dedication required in order to farm in a clean/sustainable way. Examining the effect that this has on our fruits/veggies/livestock from a taste to nutrition all the way to the economic impact locally. GROUNDED, is an aid in the movement of bringing us to a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable life by supporting and educating individuals in our community as to what exists right here in our very own backyard.


Interview Roster

The Volunteers
The Volunteers

The local community volunteers that help bring these veggies to your table weekly, these are the people of the community that give their time and understand the value of supporting the farmers and the work they are doing.

The Individuals
The Individuals

People that are part of the community that share their story on how GROW YYC has impacted their lives. Their ideas on food and understanding of what importance buying local vs. imported means to them. The people that support our local economy speak on why and how they value sustainable local farming.

The Farmers
The Farmers

Rod Olson, YYC Growers - 10 farmers that are members. These are our local community heroes striving to build a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable ecosystem right here in Alberta.

Production Design

This photo showcases the types of shots we are visually going to produce. As we will be taking the journey through a few farms, barns and such will be a big backdrop in our story. As this will be shot in and around March the tones will match. Our plan visually is to blend warm and cool tones together. Exterior shots will be in line with this one having more cool tones and interior shots will be warmer tones.
Food is a side story within this documentary all along. It's a connector for people and a vital component of our day to day lives. Healthy, nutritious, and affordable food nourishes our whole being.
We want to connect people to the farms and farmer that produce the food they are consuming. Visually capturing shots of the animals is just as important. This story revolves around clean sustainable farming that treats the animals in the highest regard. One of the farmers involved produces Alberta beef and does it to the highest standard. We want to showcase the effort and time it does to practice this high standard as well as what the results are.
Lighting will be mostly led by using natural light. This shot is a great example of how we want to show the city. Interesting angles that pull the viewer in.
This showcases the vibrance of the story. Blue skies, green fields, beautiful animals, beautiful landscapes, our entire local ecosystem here in Calgary. It brings people into nature and connects them to what nourishes us.