2015 Music Video


Performance piece where each sample is represented by a different element.

Length4 min. 12 seconds


Pitch video

The artist

Peter Ricq
About the song

The song feels really big, for example, we have 5 different singers chanting in the chorus and 4 different drums playing at the same time. We want the video to showcase that same feeling when you watch it. It'll be a slow build, going from one element in the screen to 3, then 5, then 20 and so on.

The team

Meet our team, HUMANS a band who's just released a new album "Noontide" that is hitting up the EARSHOT national charts and Joseph Klymviw, who's produced videos for HUMANS, Moka Only, Hey Ocean!, Nardwuar, JPNSGRLS and more.


Production Design

Spray that shines bright white.
Bass light and live drummer costumes.
Ghost and Puppet