Growing Up With Mi Familia
2019 Web Series

Growing Up With Mi Familia

DirectorAndy Alvarez

Pitch video


Production Design

ORANGE , YELLOW & WARM COLOURS - Wall paper, posters, family pictures, religious artifacts, memories of back home, a full house with a very loud family inside. This is a space where Lucia is surrounded by her culture and traditions so there is a certain set of expectations from her family. Although it can be suffocating at times, she does enjoy being her true and dramatic self around this warm and loving home.
GUWMF is set in early 2003, so with that comes the fashion and toys that were 'hip' in that time! News headings ranging from the SARS outbreak in Canada, to Avril Lavigne and Shakira being the it girls, to Disk-mans, scrunchies, silly bracelets, blue sunglasses and Canadian Idol!  Lucia is a teenage girl who's just trying to fit in, but also stand out. So she's extremely influenced by pop culture and fashion styles of this time.
BLUE & GREEN undertones for Lucia's school life. This is a space that Lucia uses as her escape from family. But she's still in an environment where there are lots of rules and expectations. Only advantage here, is that she has Kai (Best freind), they get through it together and make the most of school life & bullies..