Cannibal Cafe
2015 Music Video

Cannibal Cafe

Music, Meat, and Mayhem in a Prairie Gothic B-Movie Style Feast for the Music Mad Senses

Length3 min. 19 seconds


Pitch video

The artist

Marc J Chalifoux

Marc J Chalifoux

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About the song

The scene is prairie gothic B-Movie. The video starts in a diner. The food in this diner causes the patrons transform into frenzied creatures that are compelled to drop what they are doing and head down a long prairie highway to a farmyard. At the end of their journey is a massive barn dance where an uncertain fate awaits.

The team

We have an inspired group of artists & professionals coming together, with all the right energy and skills, to give life to our outrageous concept for a legendary Edmonton band paying homage to a punk rock classic!

Profile picture of Marc J Chalifoux
Marc J ChalifouxDirector, Writer, Producer, Camera Operator
Profile picture of Mike McDonald
Mike McDonaldArtist, Band
Profile picture of Kristi Hansen
Kristi HansenArtist, Actor
Profile picture of Jake  Hastey
Jake HasteyDirector, Writer, Producer
Profile picture of Ian Jackson
Ian JacksonDirector, Editor, Camera Operator
Profile picture of Richelle Thoreson
Richelle ThoresonProducer, Actor, Social Media Strategist
Profile picture of Shivani Saini
Shivani SainiProducer, Production Manager