The Way It Goes
2015 Music Video

The Way It Goes

After Hours Night Club, Cupid Agents and a Heated Dance-off! DFE suits up as our heroes go Underground and Undercover

Length4 min. 11 seconds
GenreHip Hop


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The artist

Marc  McPherson

Marc McPherson

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About the song

"The Way It Goes" showcases DFE’s soul-funk style along with the smokey-smooth vocals of Yolanda Sargeant. It instantly gives us the vision of a smoke-filled nightclub. It also has a James Bond-esque element to it which is why we want to blend a hip-hop, blaxploitation comedic style with a cool, spy-like look and story.

The team

World-touring band... check! Experienced filmmaker and team.... check! Cameras, lights, jib arms, drone and other toys... check! We will be looking for a few actors and a lighting designer to round out our team. Contact the Project Lead for details!

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Tarik RobinsonArtist, Band
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Doug HodgsonEditor, Producer, Production Manager
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Joel KayeCamera Operator, Social Media Strategist