2015 Music Video


Our heroine arrives at the shore of mysterious country, following the signs on her search to save her lost love.

Length4 min. 25 seconds


Pitch video

The artist

Brandon Fletcher

Brandon Fletcher

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About the song

Vast and explorative, "Shame" is pushing through the mistakes we've made as imperfect beings in the pursuit of love, even in the face of great personal risk. Expansive aerial shots and intimate close-ups of our heroin while she traverses ocean, wilderness, mountains and eventually another dimension using strange technical or magical objects.

The team

We're Cory and Brandon. Cory's music features layers. Brandon's videos do too, really. Together we have a pretty great music video idea that we think will inspire you like it's inspired us. We're eager to bring our vision to your various screens!

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Brandon FletcherDirector, Editor, Producer, Motion Graphics
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Cory MyraasArtist, Band, Producer


Production Design

Coming to the shore of this unknown country.
Exploring a thick, wooded forest on a mountainside.
She's looking for her lost love
Being transported through space and time.