2018 Indigenous


An indecisive misfit, seemingly out of options, has an epiphany. For once he finds something he’s good at without trying



Pitch video


CharlieTube is about a character named Charlie Holle, a guy down on his luck and staying at his grandma's house. He lives in the shadow of his cousin Thomas. Thomas is a well-known YouTuber. Charlie decides to make his own videos with his friend Kashton after he loses his job. Charlie would never have survived in the old times. He is struggling now, but all one really needs is a dream and determination. The story is about finding oneself and having the courage to try new things.

The team

We've put together an amazing team from Old Sun Community College out on Siksika Reserve. We're excited to bring our humor and story to the big screen!

Profile picture of David Copithorne
David CopithorneEditor, Camera Operator
Profile picture of Dean Turning Robe
Dean Turning RobeEditor, Writer
Profile picture of Nathan Running Bird
Nathan Running BirdWriter, Actor
Profile picture of Desmond Wells
Desmond WellsWriter, Producer
Profile picture of Kashton McMaster
Kashton McMasterProduction Manager, Production Design
Profile picture of Quinton  lee Broad scalplock
Quinton lee Broad scalplockProduction Design, Lighting
Profile picture of Bradin Solway
Bradin SolwayProduction Design, Lighting