Lay Beneath the Plough
2015 Music Video

Lay Beneath the Plough

11 year old Julie hides from the world and herself behind a fox mask. Can she reveal who she is and drop the mask?

Length3 min. 50 seconds


Pitch video

The artist

Patrick Carroll

Patrick Carroll

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About the song

"Lay Beneath the Plough" is an intimate meditation on friendship, childhood and depression. The video will present an uneasy world where both Julie and the viewer are uncertain of the intentions of everyone she meets.

The team

With this song/video we hope to raise awareness and encourage dialogue regarding depression/mental health issues as they affect young people


Production Design

like this suburban home will alternate with expressionistic settings depending on Julie's point of view
like this red jacket foreshadows the red hunting jackets that appear later in the video
like this Hunter's jacket appear when Julie feels threatened, and echo the first costumes the children appear in.
the children appear in cover only the top half of their faces, leaving their mouths free to express emotion.
feels theatened the video will use the soft edged style of German Expressionism.
Children playing appear as mask wearing threats from Julie's point of view
is made, and the oppresive style of the video will lighten.
like this forest path will appear when Julie feels threatened.