Spirit Glitch
2018 Indigenous

Spirit Glitch

A young woman escapes life to a secluded mountain top where she confronts painful memories that have been haunting her.



Pitch video


The film opens on a beautiful BC mountaintop at dawn. A young woman of color stands on the edge looking out; eyes puffy and red from a night of crying. The silence of the forest that surrounds her begins to fill with voices from painful memories. She squeezes her eyes shut and when she opens them her spirit appears in an entirely black, empty room. She looks almost holographic and with her eyes closed the sounds of her memories flood in. With each memory zeroing in on her a little piece of her glitches, and she slowly starts to disappear, piece by piece. All that’s left of her is an empty shell when she forces herself back to reality. Her phone alarm beeps, signifying it’s time to get ready for work. With every ounce of willpower, she can manage she finds the strength to face another day.

The team

This project’s team is passionate about working with as much diversity as possible, female led stories, and supporting the LGBTQ2+ community. We are looking for almost every role to be filled besides writing and directing! We’d love to hear from you!