Treaty Money
2018 Indigenous

Treaty Money

What's treaty money, where does it come from? Why do Natives get free money? They get everything for free, don't they?



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Treaty Money is a short documentary about the 5 dollar bill and what it represents in Canada for Indigenous people. Since the signing of treaties, First Nations people who are referred to under the Indian Act as Status Indians receive an allowance of $5 from a trust agreed upon by the British Crown and Canadian Federal Government. Today registered status Indians across Canada still receive the same 5 dollars. In 2019, we will investigate what 5 dollars really represents.

The team

We are a diverse crew of talented individuals who each bring a variety of creative skills to make a productive team of storytellers.

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Neil FlemingEditor, Lighting
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Rudy SimonProducer
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Autumn EagleSpeakerProduction Manager