Sisters of Sorrow
2018 Indigenous

Sisters of Sorrow

Awakening after centuries, an immortal woman leads an all-female band of supernatural bikers on a path of redemption.



Pitch video


Struggle is something all of us deal with throughout our lives. Sisters of Sorrow (SOS) shows us that even the most powerful among us suffer from horrifying obstacles. Set in present-day western Canada, SOS explores the hidden supernatural world beneath the surface, and the fall from power of one of its leaders, Maskwa, whose sudden blindness pushes her to the bottom rungs of a dark and treacherous secret world. The pilot centres around Maskwa’s biker band, the Sisters of Sorrow, pursuing an elusive and deadly target. Through the pursuit of this enemy, it becomes clear that there are fractures within the group, and that Maskwa is having trouble keeping everyone together. This story will feature indigenous characters as heroes and villains as both navigate along this perilous highway.

The team

Meet our dynamic team! We are excited to finally get going and bring this pilot to life. We still have need for some positions such as sound designer, script supervisor, 1st AD, and SFX. Contact Jordan Waunch if you want to come onboard.

Profile picture of Gerald  Auger
Gerald AugerWriter, Producer, Actor
Profile picture of Linsay Willier
Linsay WillierProducer, Actor
Profile picture of Sean Ronan
Sean RonanProduction Manager
Profile picture of Rachelle George
Rachelle GeorgeCamera Operator
Profile picture of Ariana Saadat
Ariana SaadatMotion Graphics
Profile picture of James Kingstone
James KingstoneSocial Media Strategist


Production Design