2018 Indigenous


A reformed gang member on parole finds his family in shambles. Out of options, he is forced to make a hard decision.



Pitch video


This story is about a young man named Tero, a reformed Indigenous gang member who is just released on parole. Upon arriving home, he finds out how dysfunctional his family has become while he was gone. His alcoholic mom has spun even further into the abyss, leaving his 7 year old sister to take care of herself. With bills piling up, and Social Services knocking at the door, Tero is put into a position where he has to find a solution for his family or face serious repercussions. When he thinks all is lost, his old crew presents him with a solution to solve his immediate problems. Sometimes the situations you are born in have great influence on your decisions. When you don't know where you come from and where you are going, you can cause a whole generation to be lost.

The team

We are a diverse northern Alberta team eager to show our skills and bring forth social issues through the use of storytelling and film. Since Telus Storyhive announced this category this idea has actually leapt off the page and we want to share it.