Moving Voice
2018 Indigenous

Moving Voice

A creative historical story of Mohawk poet Pauline Johnson's challenging tour experiences across pre-canadian regions.



Pitch video


Inspired by a vivid dream and longing to hear the voice of Pauline Johnson, this creative documentary brings us along the rails where the poet spent most of her adult life and career travelling to remote areas to perform, while she gathered experiences and cultivated relationships with Indigenous lands and people found in her poetry. Emphasis will be placed on telling this story through voice, poetry and sonic narratives along the early railway. We will explore the interplay between concepts of (train)tracks and recorded tracks as well as parrellels between waking dreams and dreamtime. Through this grant we will employ up to 4 actors, use period dress, cover travel fees and enlist video and sound editing. A larger feature project of the same theme will follow.

The team

2Ro Media is a Mohawk owned media team of Janet Rogers - Producer/Writer and Jackson 2Bears Director/Camera/Edits. We stay true to the talents we each are blessed with and bring those talents together to create strong, fresh Indigenous storytelling.

Profile picture of Jackson Two Bears
Jackson Two BearsDirector, Editor, Camera Operator


Production Design

It was neccessary for Pauline to play the part of the aristocrat to fit into high levels of society who would employ her and lend their influences to award her passage into prestigious halls and parlours. She played the part constantly. We will see her command attention as she floats down this staircase to  hob-nob with the best.
We open our doc with Pauline Johnson standing on the tracks beside the train station as she waits to hear the train arrive.
We will follow Pauline as she wafts through the long hallways of the hotel as if a ghost herself, moving and with movement of poetic style
With the use of archival photographs we will depict Pauline's journey from train to horse drawn wagon to one of the most prestigious locations of her time
Here we will see Pauline taking the stage for a poetry recital dressed in both her formal gown, and Indian costume.
Pauline Johnson will waunder through public spaces at the Banff Springs Hotel to depict two aspects of her life; the glamour her celebrity affords and the lonley existance that it actually was
We see Pauline Johnson settled in her train seat as she travels from venue to venue and from where she looks out to see the lands which inspire her poety