Mary Mackagonne
2018 Indigenous

Mary Mackagonne

"Mary Mackagonne" honours the mother of my Metis heritage - a Cree woman who contributed immensely to Canadian history.



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Peter Fidler was a map maker for the Hudson's Bay Company and my great-great-great-great grandfather. His Cree wife, Mary Mackagonne, was my great-great-great-great grandmother. He met her at the age of twenty-four and she was twenty-two, and they stayed loyal to each other for the duration of his career and until their passings. They had fourteen children along the way, raising them both in the forts and in their travels during the crew’s expeditions for the Hudson’s Bay Company. Mary Mackagonne goes entirely uncredited in Canadian history and because of the formalities required of Fidler’s journals she was rarely mentioned. Mary lived the life of a trader, canoeing alongside Peter and contributing labour to the building and maintaining of forts while also caring for their children.

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We are a team of film, broadcast television, and music industry professionals that want to tell a story that celebrates and pays homage to the Indigenous and Metis mothers in our family histories.