No Clue
2018 Music Video

No Clue

Looelle, starring as 70s era scientists, seek to understand love via a series of surreal experiments.



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The artist

Niloofar Farahzadeh

Niloofar Farahzadeh

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About the song

No Clue is about coming to the realization that you are perhaps hurting the ones you love. It is a song about being disconnected with who you thought you were, and coming to terms with the shame that you feel for who you’ve become.

The team

We are a diverse group of creatives hailing from Victoria BC, united across a variety of disciplines by our passion for creating thoughtful, meaningful art.

Profile picture of Oliver Brooks
Oliver BrooksDirector, Editor, Camera Operator, Lighting
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William WilkinsonDirector, Editor, Producer, Production Manager
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Leta C-WProduction Design


Production Design