I Was Lost (And You Were Dreaming)
2018 Music Video

I Was Lost (And You Were Dreaming)

Lovers in a dystopian time of revolution navigate between the human plane and that of the Mannegishi or fairy folk.

DirectorJoe Kelly


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The artist

Joe Kelly
About the song

I Was Lost and You Were Dreaming, is a duet sung from the perspectives of Sheer Blouse and Buffalo Knocks. Layers of guitar, synth and beats with vocals echo the lament of the distance between the two characters as they struggle to find each other in one realm or another. Cree samples for the word window represent the portals that they seek.

The team

This is our talented team! We blend out experience with music, visual art and technology to bring our vision into the world.

Profile picture of Joe Kelly
Joe KellyArtist, Director, Editor, Producer, Camera Operator
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Shane GhostkeeperArtist, Band, Writer, Actor, Production Design