2018 Music Video


Living in a simulation, John Dough has a beautiful love experience which quickly turns dark.



Pitch video

The artist

John Ohelo
About the song

This Song has a futuristic feel that focuses on Love. Like anything in life you can not have light without darkness, the stronger the sun gets, the stronger the shadow is. The closer to the light we move the more fragile the love get as the temptations and darkness can easily destroy love. When we end up in darkness it makes things very unclear.

The team

This Team is designed to show that when you bring different mindsets together with different skill set, and work collectively, we end up with a product that we could not have thought up alone.

Profile picture of Lady Divine Tugade
Lady Divine TugadeDirector, Writer, Social Media Strategist
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Steve van DiestEditor, Production Manager, Production Design, Camera Operator, Lighting


Production Design