TOO EASY - bbno$
2018 Music Video

TOO EASY - bbno$

For baby no mula, life is just toooo easy. He can play the recorder, dunk, eat candy... What can't he do?!



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The artist

Larkin Wallbank-Hart

Larkin Wallbank-Hart

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About the song

"Too Easy" is a song about how easy it is for bbno$ to do everything. He's really good at stuff, so it's really easy for him to do things, and he wrote a song about what that feels like.

The team

We are a dream team. We are ready to take on the world.


Production Design

We're going to be putting bbno$ in four or five different awesome outfits like this one. He's gonna be cool cool guy!
We're going to film at the historic Wellburn's Grocery Store in Victoria BC. This store has been around for over 100 years and still has a great retro feel inside.
In addition to our various locations, we will be shooting in a green screen studio in order to create wild and funny visual FX, including placing bbno$ in a video game world, where, guess what, things are just way too easy for him.
bbno$ will be emerging from the forest playing the flute along with the song, as well as rapping. It'll be berry lit.