Out of Sight
2018 Music Video

Out of Sight

As imagination and reality blur into one, a young girl tries to build a rocket to escape a world that's falling apart.



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The artist

Hans Grossmann

Hans Grossmann

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About the song

This song is a keyhole view of the world through the eyes of an astronaut in a space station questioning why he should return to a world so full of turmoil, A man who prefers the simplicity of space. Apathy plays a large role in the lyrical approach for this piece and is a commentary on lack of creativity and imagination in the current environment.

The team

We have put together an incredible group of creative magicians, to make you dream again!

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Arron CrookArtist, Band
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Jay LawranceProducer, Camera Operator


Production Design

The lighting of this video will be very natural, with hard sunlight as the main source.  The lens flares will allow for a nice some sci-fi look when we enter the girl's imagination
A look at the girl in the "real life" segments of the video, cardboard rocket strapped to her back, ready for lift off!
When the girl sees her own version of herself building the rocket, she imagines herself a true engineer, really welding and screwing bits of metal together.  These segments will have much smoother camera motion, and feel grander than the rest of the video, which will be based more in reality, visually
Staying at their height, a lot of the video will be shot from directly behind the girl in an over the shoulder shot, as they navigate their world, to keep a consistent intimacy to their personal story
The framing will all be from the girl's eye-height, the camera acting as a visual representation of the child's view of the world.
Another aspect of the visual treatment is that it is very handheld and loose and real feeling, especially for the sequences that are happening in the real world, which will be a stark contrast to the grand, epic camera compositions of the segments that take place in her imagination.