2018 Music Video


When Molly and Dylan get separated after a night spent together, Dylan uses the song they met to, to find her again.



Pitch video

The artist

Leah Reynolds
About the song

Hangdog is a song about a narrator who has been gone for a long time, and the song is an explanation of the disappearance, a “here’s why” letter to the person left behind. It's an intriguing story with a classic rock sound that takes the listener to a place of mystery and new love.

The team

Our crew of SAIT film graduates is dedicated to honing our craft, and telling impactful stories that touch the heart.

Profile picture of Leah Reynolds
Leah ReynoldsDirector, Writer
Profile picture of Rino Mioc
Rino MiocEditor
Profile picture of Eunice Hau
Eunice HauProducer, Camera Operator
Profile picture of Stephanie Kvellestad
Stephanie KvellestadProduction Design