Truth in the Sea
2018 Music Video

Truth in the Sea

A woman locked in a house by the sea has fantasies about water, one day she finds her mermaid tail and returns home.



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The artist

Samantha Selci

Samantha Selci

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About the song

To many, the creative home of an artist is a sanctuary of freedom. Truth in the Sea explores how the afflictions of life seek to pull us away from that place. In the vein of Frank Ocean and Jorja Smith, Selci expresses these evocative meditations that lay atop lofi rhythms and layers of classic synths.

The team

Selci and Boeseya are a passionate and skilled duo. They have teamed up on multiple videos together and made movie magic within petite budgets. Imagine the what they could do if they were awarded Storyhive Grant!

Profile picture of Samantha Selci
Samantha SelciDirector, Writer, Production Design
Profile picture of Danika Bezuidenhout
Danika BezuidenhoutAnimation Lead, Animator
Profile picture of Boeseya Man-VanDyck
Boeseya Man-VanDyckDirector, Producer, Production Manager


Production Design

Hair inspo for Selkie
Make up inspo for Selkie
Inspo for Selkie character, intriguing for overall vibe before and after diving in the water.
Color grading for the majority of the film.
Mood board photo for husband/fisherman character.
Inspo photo for the Selkie character, hair and costume.
The color grading changes in the final scene of the video after the Selkie finds her sealskin and dives into the water. The color goes from grey scale with navy blue to bright turquoise.
Set, costume and character inspo for Selkie.