Memoirs of the Motherland
2018 Documentary

Memoirs of the Motherland

A Namibian-Canadian Musician seeks out other African Artists in Alberta who are keeping their culture alive through art.



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The documentary follows Garth Prince, a musician that also travels across the country teaching African songs to elementary students. Garth decides to embark on a journey across Alberta to connect with other African artists that are keeping their culture alive through their art. Each person works in a different art form, so we'll also learn about their process and how creating enriches each person's life. The film will end with Garth travelling to see these artists in their element, performing or creating and how this impacts the world around them. Along the way Garth reflects on his own journey, and compares/contrasts these stories that are tied together by a similar experience, moving to Canada and eventually pursuing a career in the arts.

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Kirstine BargasEditor, Writer, Producer, Production Manager, Social Media Strategist
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Garth PrinsonskyProducer, Host, Music, Social Media Strategist
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Gerardo RamosCamera Operator, Lighting, Electrical