Of Broken Vessels
2018 Digital Shorts

Of Broken Vessels

Indy sets out on her dad's sailboat to scatter his ashes—but coming to terms with his death is harder than she thought.

Length10 min. 14 sec.


Pitch video


Indy is alone with her dad's sailboat and an urn. She is here to scatter her father's ashes, but can't bring herself to do it just yet. As she prepares the sailboat, she realizes she's not alone: her dad is with her, helping her hoist the sail. As she and her dad have one last conversation, her view of grief takes a turn. This is a story of grappling with grief, finding closure, and recognizing that brokenness is a part of life's beauty.

The team

We are an industrious trio of film femmes, equipped with skills in development, production, and post-production. Soon-to-be SAIT film graduates, we are ready to share our newest story with you--we'd appreciate your votes so much!

Profile picture of Eunice Hau
Eunice HauWriter, Producer, Camera Operator
Profile picture of Leah Reynolds
Leah ReynoldsWriter, Lighting


Production Design

Indy's father's urn plays a significant part in our story. The urn is simple. It’s a basic design that reflects the practical nature of her father.
Indy is alone and that isolation is going to be captured and highlighted by showing her utterly alone on the lake and on the boat.
We’re going to juxtapose impartial nature with the raw emotions Indy is going through. The world doesn’t stop because her heart is hurting—nature goes on around her, regardless.