Gertrude and her Plant, Steve
2018 Digital Shorts

Gertrude and her Plant, Steve

Gertrude learns that her boyfriend is having an affair. To cope, she starts carrying around a potted plant. Everywhere.

Length10 min.
DirectorMatt Prazak


Pitch video


It's about a girl named Gertrude who, shortly after being laid off from her job, learns that her boyfriend (Trevor) is having an affair. To cope, she attempts several different hobbies but none of them seem to stick. Gertrude becomes attached to a potted plant she named Steve. Steve was with Gertrude when she lost her job. Steve was with Gertrude when she walked in on her boyfriend. Steve has always been a comfort for her - she can't let go. One day, Gertrude accidentally drops Steve and he shatters. Without Steve, Gertrude is forced to seek closure from past relationships and make a grand choice. Will Gertrude continue to rely on others or will she finally be able to choose herself?

The team

'Gertrude and her Plant, Steve' boasts an incredibly talented 5-person team that will efficiently drive the production all the way from its inception to its completion.

Profile picture of Matt Prazak
Matt PrazakDirector, Social Media Strategist
Profile picture of Stephanie Kvellestad
Stephanie KvellestadWriter, Production Design
Profile picture of Rino Mioc
Rino MiocProducer, Camera Operator
Profile picture of Thomas Geddes
Thomas GeddesProduction Manager
Profile picture of Tyler Whelen
Tyler WhelenProduction Manager


Production Design

Dark. Dingy. Cluttered. Thoughtless. An assembly of all the furniture his friends have grown out of or were about to throw away.
A little mismatched, but in a unique way. A neat assembly of interesting, quirky things.
Calgary will be accurately depicted as a bright city, full of colour.