She is Not Just a Statistic, Say Her Name
2018 Digital Shorts

She is Not Just a Statistic, Say Her Name

Escaping from an abusive relationship, a single Mother runs into trouble, only to go missing unexpectedly a month later.

Length9 min. 11 sec.


Pitch video


A young battered mother, Nipin, leaves her longtime abusive boyfriend, and runs away with her child, Payshintz. She finds herself on highway 16 at a motel. Where she stricken with fear and panic. When her friend, Kihiw, picks her up in the middle of the night. Two estranged men who lurk on the premises of the motel, start to harass and taunt the women, for their entertainment, revealing their true intentions. After the unruly encounter, Nipin and Kihiw search for justice to reprehend the two men. A month goes by, the two men have not been caught, until Nipin suddenly encounters one of her attackers at her school. She follows him to take a picture of him, in hopes of getting justice. But unexpectedly that afternoon she goes missing, leaving her friend and daughter behind.

The team

This is an all female crew. We all come from many cultural backgrounds. We all have one thing in common. We all believe in empowering each other. If you are a woman who specializes in a certain role, and know about MMIW, please contact for details.

Profile picture of Tristin Greyeyes
Tristin GreyeyesDirector, Editor, Writer
Profile picture of Shasha McArthur
Shasha McArthurProduction Manager, Production Design
Profile picture of Kaitlyn Redcrow
Kaitlyn RedcrowSound Engineer
Profile picture of Janessa St. Pierre
Janessa St. PierreSocial Media Strategist


Production Design

Since our film is a representation of missing and murdered indigenous women, we want to put traditional elements in our production design.
Our film will mostly take place in motel location, so we want to have a motel location that has old and rustic feel with the colour tones we aspire for.
Our team aspires to use a colour palette that gives a serious tone for the film as well as an old school feel.
Our team wants to use vintage patterns in our production design to signify lack of update and help further portray an old creepy motel.