Picture Perfect
2018 Digital Shorts

Picture Perfect

If you could let the world see you exactly how you wanted, would you make yourself picture perfect?

Length10 min.


Pitch video


Set in a world that mirrors our own in a metaphorical reflection. Where face to face verbal and physical communication is non-existent. And society only sees you as your avatar, a mannequin designed to be everything that you are not. This short, experimental film follows a day in the life of Ethan as he finds a way to break free and forge his own path.

The team

We have a strong team of creative and passionate people. Our vision for this project is only matched by our drive to create something visually stunning and powerful.

Profile picture of Mathew Gladman
Mathew GladmanDirector, Editor, Writer
Profile picture of Arianna Augustine
Arianna AugustineProduction Design