Tommy Tremor
2018 Digital Shorts

Tommy Tremor

In the New Wild West, bullets are cheap, life is cheaper. One man aims to change all that. Get it? Aims? It's a Western.

Length10 min. 15 sec.


Pitch video


Once upon a time in the post-apocalyptic Wild West... Tommy Tremor, an infamous gunslinger, wanders the prairie aimlessly. He smokes marijuana, drinks when the occasion calls for it, and frequents the various brothels strewn throughout the territories. He spent his formative years sleeping under the stars in hostile territory with his A.I-computer guided truck/home/best friend Otto. Tommy and Otto must confront an old nemesis, Marsh, an interrogator for a major Cartel that Tommy has run afoul of. Tommy must fight to keep Marsh from breaking his mind, and uncovering secrets that could lead to global devastation.

The team

Skills to pay the bills.


Production Design

Otto is often installed in a vehicle, controlling it (with a little help from Tommy). These vehicle shells usually end up shot up or burned to a crisp.  It's a good thing insurance doesn't exist anymore... all things considered.
We intend on using a GoPro Fusion 360 degree camera for various FX as well as a behind the scenes "Otto POV VR Experience" for Social media.
The Southern Alberta Prairie is the backdrop of this particular installment of Tommy and Otto's adventures. Wide open expansive prairies give way to coulees and hills for miles, making it a perfect destination for filming a western.