Sunday Morning, Coming Down
2018 Digital Shorts

Sunday Morning, Coming Down

5 years, 300 kms and broken hearts separate two men from their first kiss; A blind date leads them to much more.

Length10 min. 20 sec.


Pitch video


Erik and Noah are high school friends that are torn apart by distance and an ill-fated drunken kiss. Five years later, finds Noah spending his Tuesday nights singing about love lost at a grungy folk club and Erik anxiously preparing for a blind date he has no real interest in attending. Fate and an old friend conspire to give these two a second chance. The only question is, will they be willing to take it?

The team

Meet our wonderful team! We are committed to a inclusive, diverse and intersectional production. We are eager to bring this LGBTQ+ story to life!

Profile picture of Christina Beamish
Christina BeamishDirector, Writer
Profile picture of Chase Gardiner
Chase GardinerProducer, Camera Operator
Profile picture of chevi rabbit
chevi rabbitProducer, Actor
Profile picture of Andrea Clark
Andrea ClarkProduction Design


Production Design

Erik's apartment is perfect. Everything has its place, is clean and methodical, nothing is out of place or missing. The house is very monochromatic with earthy accents. It looks straight out of the Ikea catalogue.
This is where Erik and Noah meet again. It is a your typical neighbourhood pub, nothing fancy but has its own charm and personality. Everyone here knows each other and the atmosphere is friendly and inviting. Warm practical lights fill the frame while soft cool light accents the space.
This is where the film ends. Like Noah, the space is classy but in it's own way, a little retro, a little chic, a little eclectic, a little messy, a little like home. It feels inviting and friendly, very soft and gentle.
This is where the movie opens and we first meet Erik and Noah. This is upstairs of a high school house party, most likely the younger sisters bedroom that's off limits. It's busy, messy, covered in collages and sprinkled with fairy lights. Warm and cozy feeling, but lighting to make it slightly uncomfortable.
Colourful and fun.
Some space to shoot a long alone wide shot. 
Consideration for a space that can act as a stage for a open mic/guitar player.