2017 Web Series


It's easy to see the forest for the trees when you're lost in the woods.

Length10 min.


Pitch video


National is a series about a group of criminals based in the Canadian wilderness. They pose as Park Rangers in order to take advantage of people in areas otherwise cut off from civilization. Set in the late 80s, the story follows Tyler (The Loner); A property owner and tradesman who decides to liquidate his assets, and abandon his family to start a new life in the Canadian North. He is left stranded when everything he owns, along with his life savings hidden within his vehicle, are stolen from him by a pair of Con Artists (The Ranger, The Law) posing as park rangers. In later locating the Con Artists, Tyler finds himself steeped in a network of crime hidden beneath the canopy of the Boreal Forest.

The team

We at Something Orange aim to create original narrative content, driven by visual storytelling, and a passion for digital media.

Profile picture of Michael Manus
Michael ManusDirector, Writer
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Shae PatersonCamera Operator, Lighting