2017 Web Series


A group of pampered trust fund kids fight to win their money back with a string of horrible business ideas.

Length4 min. 28 sec.


Pitch video


Welcome to Harebrained, the animated series about a group of trust fund millionaires who lose all of their money in a Ponzi scheme and start a series of businesses to get their wealth back. Never working a day in their lives, and lacking awareness of their faults, the business ideas they come up with end up being hilarious failures. However, their unwillingness to give up and newfound meaning in giving back might just start paying off. Can they turn their riches to rags story around? Find out in Harebrained.

The team

With tons of experience and a love for animation, our team is ready to go!

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Mackenzi KoAnimation Lead, Animator, Editor


Production Design

Before the foreclosure, this was the Harrington family home. Richly appointed with all the amenities, including a solid gold helicopter pad and an indoor, ultra-rare, exclusive, locally sourced organic plant garden.
What could be more dreary than the office? Especially when you've spent your entire life next to a luxury pool in some far off resort paradise, with a glass of Cristal and a personal masseuse always within earshot.
Frank Fox Jr is the Harrington's attorney, always on call. This is where he conducts his business for the most exclusive of clients.