2017 Web Series


Unfazed by her own incompetence to be "normal", young lawyer Gina Danino, never leaves a case unsolved.

Length10 min. 30 sec.


Pitch video


Gina Danino is completely incompetent, however she is one heck of a Lawyer. She defies expectations and sexism that's thrust upon her by her colleagues who underestimate her. She's the best of the best, but also the worst of the worst when it comes to socializing, drinking coffee, holding objects, or even moving around a room. She's constantly making mistakes and fool of herself, but she'll never crack her 1990's monotone pantsuited exterior. With an overbearing boss, an aggresivly jealous coworker, and hard-hitting cases she must rise to every challenge.

The team

Passion, integrity, respect, and drive. Meet the Dream-Team!

Profile picture of Sinead Grewcock
Sinead GrewcockDirector, Writer, Actor
Profile picture of Maya  Ritchey
Maya Ritchey Writer, Production Design
Profile picture of Amelia MacKenzie-Gray-Hyre
Amelia MacKenzie-Gray-HyreActor, Production Design
Profile picture of Neillie  Marshall
Neillie MarshallProduction Manager, Production Design
Profile picture of Hunter Marshall
Hunter MarshallProduction Manager, Lighting
Profile picture of Steph Townsend
Steph TownsendProduction Design
Profile picture of Lily Barrett
Lily BarrettProduction Design


Production Design

Color plays a large roll in film. What colors a film decides to use, also decides feelings and emotions of the viewers. "Gotcha!" will use a variety of bright, soft, and warm tones to evoke joy, comfort, and excitement. There is a warm contrast to present days modern decorating with cool tones. The warm tones used in this series will be inspired by the 1960's and 1970's, and how certain colors represented innovation, and changes. The series follows a strong female lead in a male dominated workplace, a workplace where innovation and change is necessary.
Color evokes emotion, and this story is all about the contrasting characters and their dynamics. Law firms are usually thought of with similar colors: dark brown, burgundy, beige, and grey. However in "Gotcha!" Color appears not just with the way the characters dress, but also in their surroundings. The props also have a classic twist on 1960's and 1970's commonplace items.
Style is how you express yourself in day-to-day life through fashion and clothing choices. The characters in "Gotcha!" are people are who draw style inspiration from the past. Ted and Erick, who are very in the box with their thinking, resonate with 1960s business attire. Gina however, draws from color and practicality. Suits were once just for men? Yikes. She wouldn’t be the lawyer she is today without her colorful power suits, they’re apart of who she is and what she chooses to show the world.
Local Vancouver locations will highlight the city as well as inform the story. Vancouver is often disguised as an American city in film and television. However, "Gotcha!" will showcase the city as alive and vibrant with characters and action.