Lux - Me
2017 Web Series

Lux - Me

Two young South Asians navigate the world of dating in the distant future, ruled by a new subculture & hands-free tech.

Length10 min. 3 sec.


Pitch video


Lux-Me is a sci fi romantic comedy that takes place in the near future. It follows two South Asians, Aru and Noori, who both download the Lux-Me app, which pulls them into a world of augmented reality. In an identity obsessed society, this app allows users to display their stats overhead (Gender Identity, Age, Relationship Status, Interests). As part of a new generation of South Asians living in Vancouver, our characters must try to balance their bi-cultural lives with the “modern” times. The parents, Millennials, must teach their children of the Alpha Generation the culture from previous lifetimes. Everything slowly starts to fall apart as Aru begins to change his stats around different people, in order to feel accepted.

The team

Meet Rendering Glint films, a collective of creatives and storytellers who aim to showcase diverse narratives through film. Our array of individual skills like directing, writing, editing and multicultural advocacy make us a strong team for the job.

Profile picture of Bhaveek Makan
Bhaveek MakanDirector, Writer, Producer, Host, Social Media Strategist
Profile picture of Jashan Makan
Jashan MakanEditor, Camera Operator, Lighting, Sound Engineer, Music, Motion Graphics
Profile picture of Sumeet Kumar
Sumeet KumarProducer, Production Manager
Profile picture of Pooja Patel
Pooja PatelProduction Design, Social Media Strategist
Profile picture of kajal jindal
kajal jindalProduction Design


Production Design

The Lux-me makeup will be fun, and bold, with metallic sheens, glitter, color accents, and texture. We believe people will be more daring with their makeup looks, and even men will dabble in cosmetics to enhance their looks. Standing out will the trend.
Lux-Me will demonstrate the future of Indian fashion as a fusion style between western and eastern designs. There will be lots of color mixed with traditional fabrics and modern cuts. South Asian Alpha youth may not necessarily wear traditional Indian clothing but they will more likely fuse Indian elements like jewelry, colors and fabrics into their everyday style.
Tech fashion will be a huge aspect of the Lux-Me style. We plan on incorporating L.E.D. lights, fibreglass, and wearable tech gadgets because accessories will serve a purpose beyond just fashion.
The fashion accessories will be colorful with pops of shine and metal, as well as lots of hardware accessorizing. We will be utilizing metal details, cyberpunk inspiration, and lots of abstract sunglasses as people of this future are quite knowledgeable and conscious of the effects of the sun.
The future fashion of Lux-Me will incorporate many nuisance tones of gender neutrality with people of every gender, identity fusing their styles to create a bold, forward look that goes beyond gender binaries. Men will be seen wearing make-up and accessories just as much as women, and women will not be limited to feminine colors and cuts. Neutral fashion will be the norm of fashion, especially for youth of the alpha generation. The parents generation of millennials may be seen adhering more to traditional gender norms.
Lux -Me will have a cool color palette, utilizing blues, teals, greys and light browns.
We forecast the hair in our series to be sleek,  bold,  and colorful, with fresh edgy cuts.