2017 Music Video


The story of a female rapper's journey to get herself seen on the scene. A tribute to everyone who reps the XX.

Length5 mins. 43 secs.
DirectorLawrence Lam


Pitch video

The artist

Lawrence Lam
About the song

XX is an anthem that screams passion and intense drive to change the world with women at the steering wheel. XX is also a symbol of diversity and acceptance in rooms where women, as well as people of colour (among others), often become a minority.

The team

Lifelong friends Lawrence and Alex have worked on each other's films in several capacities in the past; They are beyond excited to finally be co-writing, co-directing + co-editing. Our talented friend Leo, another frequent collaborator, is our DP!

Profile picture of Lawrence Lam
Lawrence LamDirector, Editor, Writer
Profile picture of Leonardo Harim
Leonardo HarimCamera Operator