Fly Home
2017 Music Video

Fly Home

If we could see the journeys of other people’s lives, we’d find there’s more in common than we think.


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The artist

Gordie Haakstad

Gordie Haakstad

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About the song

Journeys and homecomings. Fly Home shows how finding what ‘home’ means to one person -- be it family, a place, or a new destination, is a crucial need in life. Finding it and getting there is a task we all face; and while home is something different for everyone, the journey to get there is largely the same.

The team

Our team includes an award-winning, popular Edmonton musician and filmmakers with the vision and experience to tell compelling stories. The filmmakers have collaborated on several projects, and have the production chops to pull this off.

Profile picture of Gordie Haakstad
Gordie HaakstadDirector, Producer
Profile picture of Chris Beauchamp
Chris BeauchampDirector, Producer, Camera Operator, Lighting
Profile picture of Laura  Beauchamp
Laura BeauchampProducer, Production Design
Profile picture of Patrick OConnor
Patrick OConnorLighting, Electrical


Production Design

Naturally-motivated lighting, photojournalistic camera angles, and real-to-the-character looking costumes and props will combine to create a believable world. Overall, we’re going for a documentary feel.
During the musical climax of the song, we will show a time lapse of the passengers on the bus as their trip flies by. Composited into it is the only person in real-time: Mohsin, who is playing and singing his song.
We’re chartering a bus! We’re going to bring it and our cast and crew across Alberta and into BC as part of our shoot.
Bus stations make up only a part of of our location list, but their personas are as unique as the folks that gather there. For our passengers’ backstory vignettes, the locations will be specific to each person so that even the shortest visual will speak volumes about the character. And then there’s the scenery: iconic western Canadian locations from the prairies to the mountains, and all the pit stops in between.
The nature of a bus travelling the roads lends itself to wonderfully beautiful lighting: dappled sun rays streaming through the window, golden hour warmth as the sun sets over the fields. Keeping with the authentic feel, the lighting and tone will feel natural and journalistic, like documenting a summer road trip.
We will overcome our location limitations by telling a simple story of circumstances keeping people apart. A late night border-crossing from the perspective of inside the trunk. A small one room tenement crowded with people.  And finally into the open air at the arrivals curb at the Calgary Airport.
Designing specific wardrobe for each passenger can help quickly build a persona of who they really are or, in some cases, help build a false assumption to make the reveal of their true character all the more impactful.