Lonely Mind
2017 Music Video

Lonely Mind

One crazy night in the life of The Hi-Strung Downers—band members play a host of characters including themselves.


Pitch video

The artist

Michael Dargie

Michael Dargie

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About the song

"Because there ain't no cure for a lonely mind \ Not women, guitars or a bottle of wine" One crazy night in the life of these hard-working musicians from Calgary, captures this energetic band on stage playing to their fans—who are actually the band members running into themselves in a series of mind-bending vignettes inspired by true life events.

The team

Our combined experience and talent makes for an excellent force to be reckoned with; our team has what it takes to create a beautiful and intense piece of art.

Profile picture of Michael Dargie
Michael DargieDirector, Editor, Writer, Producer, Actor, Motion Graphics
Profile picture of Greg Callsen
Greg CallsenArtist, Band, Social Media Strategist
Profile picture of Joe Love
Joe LoveArtist, Band
Profile picture of Terry Starchuk
Terry StarchukArtist, Band
Profile picture of Earl  Garnet
Earl GarnetArtist, Band
Profile picture of Jennifer MacLean
Jennifer MacLeanDirector, Writer, Producer, Actor
Profile picture of Candace Schmidt
Candace SchmidtProducer, Production Manager, Production Design
Profile picture of Kyra  MacPherson
Kyra MacPherson Production Design
Profile picture of Ralamy Kneeshaw
Ralamy KneeshawProduction Design
Profile picture of Chad Blain
Chad BlainSound Engineer


Production Design

Getting the Hi-Strung Downers and Camera Crew ready to meet themselves for the first time.
Rendering the final composition where Earl 1.0 meets Earl 2.0 and the rest of the guys.
The guys are already to start interacting with their alter-egos for the video pitch—imagine this, but in a crowded bar where the guys will be playing on stage, and interacting with each other in the audience ...