La Primera
2017 Music Video

La Primera

A musician's late night party gig love story with flashbacks to the couple's day-to-day little moments that matter.

Length4 mins. 54 secs.


Pitch video

The artist

Nicolas Mogollon

Nicolas Mogollon

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About the song

La primera is about that contagious, and at times overpowering, love energy we spread when we fall for someone.

The team

Hola! This is our awesome team. We're excited to make a cool and badass music video to launch Uno, a band that is unique and reflective of our multicultural backgrounds. This is just the beginning!

Profile picture of Nicolas Mogollon
Nicolas MogollonDirector, Writer
Profile picture of janie F
janie FEditor, Camera Operator
Profile picture of Chad Martin
Chad MartinProduction Manager