Bout Us (Feat Elise Estrada & J. Young)
2017 Music Video

Bout Us (Feat Elise Estrada & J. Young)

A real-life "Romeo and Juliet" story that highlights cultural stigmas in Canada.

Length4 mins. 3 secs.


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The artist

Hussein Alidina

Hussein Alidina

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About the song

We want to produce a music video for our song "Bout Us." The song is written about the true story of GPS's co-founder SatsB and his wife Michelle. SatsB, a South Indian Hindu, fell in love with Michelle, an East African Muslim. In their minds they did not see these labels, but of course their family and community did. This is their story.

The team

We are working with one of the best video-production companies in Vancouver, Three Piece Media (3PM). They are storytellers and music lovers at heart. Their modo is simple: "Let Us Tell Your Story."

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Shameer PunjaniDirector, Producer, Camera Operator