2017 Music Video


A man who takes a journey to his past relationship into 1970's, only to discover the truth about his present love life.

Length6 mins. 27 secs.


Pitch video

The artist

Liam Priddy
About the song

The song reminisces on a past relationship that everyone can relate to, no matter what age we are. So we want to take you on one man's journey to discover the past memories he has forgotten. We all experience love in different ways, no matter what state our mind is in, and no matter how much time has past, we always can feel something inside.

The team

Just a bunch of kids dreaming for bigger things. Join us on our journey as we try to make some creative content. Shout out if you want to join our team!


Production Design

For the lighting we are inspired by neon lights from the disco period to provide a fun and groovy feel. It will also add pops of colour amongst other scenes to brighten the viewers experience.
Obviously we are going to have a lot of fun with the colours in our music video, we are going to have retro colours to define the time era that the video is set in. We want lots of brown, orange, green, and mustard yellow pretty much everything we love about the 70's!
We would like to give an homage to the 70's by implementing patterns inspired by the era. It's totally going to be far out!
In our production design we want to add a vintage feel through using collector cars from various owners that we know. The cars will add a pop of colour that fit our colour palette and also give us more production value. We really want to have fun with this video!