Warm Whispers - An A Cappella Arrangement
2017 Music Video

Warm Whispers - An A Cappella Arrangement

Seven diverse professionals come together with their creative family to joyfully perform an original arrangement.

Length4 mins. 35 secs.


Pitch video

The artist

Noel Amante
About the song

The featured song, "Warm Whispers," is an original arrangement that speaks to the safety in acceptance and subsequent freedom to be vulnerable, which is what enables our most creative selves to blossom. This music video will capture the beauty of being part of this creative community known as Altra Volta, where we grow as singers and as people.

The team

Meet our talented and charismatic team! We are skilled, personable men and women with diverse gender and racial identities, from diverse professional and educational backgrounds, that can appeal to a wide community of Calgarians and Canadians.

Profile picture of Noel Amante
Noel AmanteBand, Producer
Profile picture of Paige Boudreau
Paige BoudreauDirector, Producer
Profile picture of Michael Janke
Michael JankeProduction Design, Camera Operator