How Long Blues
2017 Music Video

How Long Blues

A gothic anti-romance: even the not-so-dearly departed love after "death do us part".

Length5 mins. 44 secs.


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The artist

Gillian McKercher

Gillian McKercher

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About the song

How Long Blues is a throwback to pre-vinyl rural Mississippi. A portrait of a lover's dilemma, How Long Blues doesn't mince words: "how come you treat me like you do?", "you could've had it all, but you treated her so unfair". Amy's lead guitar is rounded out by a backing band that sets an electric country atmosphere with bold zing.

The team

Our team crafts visually striking and narrative music videos with a bold, nostalgic, and a dash of experimental style.

Profile picture of Gillian McKercher
Gillian McKercherDirector, Editor, Writer
Profile picture of Amy Nelson
Amy NelsonArtist, Writer, Production Design
Profile picture of Jashan Makan
Jashan MakanEditor, Camera Operator, Motion Graphics
Profile picture of Rebecca Zahn
Rebecca ZahnSocial Media Strategist


Production Design

Our star-crossed lover remembers her impassioned youth with deep drama, and we want to use the visual style of the silent era to show these memories. Think black & white high-contrast colouring, a quick frame rate, and obvious displays of affection to convey the time when our Veiled Woman wore her heart on her sleeve.
Equal parts Miss Havisham, Catherine Earnshaw, and Joelle Van Dyke, our Veiled Woman follows a long line of gothic gals.  Think lace, gauze, lush flowers and stained lips. With Amy's expertise in styling, we're going for a look that's pretty and also really creepy.
Griffith Woods is the forest of dark fairy tales, the ones where you need to keep the light on while sleeping. With birch and fir trees, wooden pathways, and still ponds, expect to see imagery that suggests that hidden souls walk in the shadows.
Where can you find taxidermy crows, skulls, wooden mannequins, and a whiskey straight up?
 Commonwealth Bar & Stage has the perfect mix of rustic country and gothic delight. We can't wait to shoot our Veiled Woman lurking in the shadows of this Calgary hot-spot.