Jane Doe
2016 Digital Shorts

Jane Doe

Jillian needs to make a major life change. An indestructible CGI deer named Edgar becomes her guide.

Length9 min. 14 sec.
DirectorKatrin Bowen


Pitch video


A recently engaged Jillian is doing everything possible to distract herself from reality. In search of some much needed space, she spends the night at her best friend Natalie's place. Pulling an all-nighter playing Grand Theft Auto V with her best friend’s daughter (Emy), Jillian becomes enchanted with an indestructible deer, Edgar Allen Doe, that’s trapped in the video game. As her holographic obsession deepens, it begins to unravel her 3D reality. When the sun rises, everything has changed.

The team

Our team is like the CGI deer that inspired this film: Purpose-Driven, Passionate & Indestructible. To Storyhive and to you, we offer our experience, our dedication to excellence, and our gratitude. Run with us.