Chocolate Cake
2016 Digital Shorts

Chocolate Cake

Everything that can happen when you share a piece of chocolate cake with someone.

Length9 min. 43 sec.


Pitch video


Chocolate Cake is a story of a couple shown in real-time, and in flashback/forward. The theme and story is about love/putting yourself out there/what could be if you take a chance. Our digital world makes it easy for people to not knowingly become disconnected from face to face interactions. But what if one of those interactions could change your life. We want to show the funny and intimate moments of everything that can happen when you share a piece of chocolate cake with someone (cake in your teeth, choking/heimlick maneuvers), as well as the reality of how that tracks back to a relationship between the two (fun dates, fights). The hook at the end is we eventually learn that it's the couple's first date, and we caught glimpses of what the future could hold for them.

The team

Our team is excited to confirm actor Brandon Jay McLaren as our lead, who you might know from Girlfriends Guide to Divorce or She's The Man, as well as social marketing specialists in Edmonton including Kirby Pamela, radio host at 100.3 The Bear.

Profile picture of Kenneth Mader
Kenneth MaderEditor, Camera Operator
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Ferguson Sauve-RoganProduction Manager, Lighting, Sound Engineer
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Jenna WillertSocial Media Strategist


Production Design