2016 Digital Shorts


When her grandmother passes, Kana returns to Japan only to find her modern ways clash traditional values of her homeland

Length10 min.


Pitch video


Kana, a young woman from Japan is pursuing her career in North America and has adapted to her new environment. However, her new lifestyle has made her emotionally distant and can't seem to sustain a long term relationship. Her mother calls informing Kana that grandma passed away. As Kana returns home to pay her respects, she begins to recall her most intimate conversation with grandma. In their talk, Grandma is proud of Kana for leaving Japan. Kana argues it's even harder to raise a family and sustain a marriage for a lifetime. Grandma tells Kana that their marriage was far from ideal, and to Kana's surprise, Grandma reveals a secret which changes Kana's attitudes on relationships. Memories and the funeral force Kana to look inside herself and examine her own life.

The team

Akashi-あかし- is a talented team of industry professionals experienced on both sides of the camera. What do we have in common? We all love our grandparents so dearly.

Profile picture of Mayumi Yoshida
Mayumi YoshidaDirector, Writer, Producer, Actor
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Adam Van SteinburgCamera Operator


Production Design

Showa period was Grandma's generation. Relationships within family, friends, lovers back then were very different. We still see some restaurants and street corners in Tokyo that has the same feel to it.
Kana flies back home to pay respect to Grandma. Japanese funerals have many styles, but the lantern and candles are key to creating the atmosphere of the ceremony.
Living and working in Tokyo seems fun to foreigners but the reality of this city is that we are all put into a small box every single day. So many people lose their sense of relationship to one another because we are all so busy. We forget that there is a human being next to you living and breathing.
With all the Neon lights and so much entertainment offered to you, why do we feel so lonely in this city.